What does ideological and politically healing look like in 2020?
Ask A Spiritual DirectorOctober 06, 2020x
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What does ideological and politically healing look like in 2020?

Kimberly Pelletier & Sam Ogles

In this episode we explore what can ideological and political healing can look like in 2020. We welcome Dr. Andrew DeCort from the Neighbor-Love Movement in Ethiopia as we explore both the ideas of loving the "other" and the experience of engaging the healing for ourselves, our neighbors, and our society. You will find this a uniquely challenging, inviting, and hopeful conversation. 

Connect with Andrew and his work:

FACEBOOK: Follow the Neighbor-Love Movement’s page: @Balinjeraye 

Dr. Andrew DeCort's personal website: www.andrew-decort.com

The Neighbor-Love Movement website: www.nlmglobal.org

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